Career role models

Robotics is a growing industry in the UK and around the world. It isn’t just about building toys and having fun (although it is that as well!) it is a great career possibility with very good job prospects.

Find out how these robot engineers at the Bristol Robotics Lab got into robotics:
Ben’s story #Apprenticeship #Batman
Maria’s story #Octopus #UniversityChoices
Gloria’s story #Medical #OptionsOpen
Alia’s story #Drones #Determination

For more information, download 1 page “Routes into robotics” leaflet.

We worked with the BBC and Teen Tech to make this awesome video for the BBC Micro:bit project:

For school activities, we made these downloadable versions and a worksheet based on our robot engineers:
Robots vs Animals role model activity + 4 case studies

If you are interested in finding out more about careers in robotics or engineering, take a look at UWE Bristol has an undergraduate degree in robotics. You can find out more about apprenticeships here

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